Focus POS California offers seamless integration with Remote Eyes restaurant DVR security to provide protection against employee theft and improve the overall management of your restaurant.

With broadband internet connecting your restaurant locations using the Remote Eyes Dashboard, you can manage operations and view video feeds from anywhere, anytime. Data and video footage from all of your locations can be viewed from any web browser.

Not only can you see your restaurant in action, with Remote Eyes DVR you can hear and even talk to your stores. Remote Eyes is capable of viewing up to 32 locations simultaneously. Their patented video compression is ten times better than the industry standard, allowing you to spend less on storage and network bandwidth while still enjoying vastly superior image quality and performance. Together, Focus POS California and RemoteEyes allow restaurants to record and store up to 120 days of continuous recording; use video evidence to make your business immune to fraudulent claims, liability risks and operational inefficiencies; and provide irrefutable evidence from POS transaction data embedded in your video archive to crack down on employee theft of cash, liquor or other merchandise.

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