Focus POS California can give you confidence that your restaurant’s valuable data will be right at your fingertips. Our franchise POS solution keeps reporting simple for multiple locations, allowing restaurant owners and managers to easily monitor the performance of each location with in-depth reports.

Reports can be viewed for individual restaurants and or can be compared across multiple sites. Restaurant managers and owners can determine sales trends, store performance and more. To keep your database uniform across multiple sites, menu and price changes can be made at the corporate office and set to automatically update restaurants at specified times.

Franchises can use Focus POS California corporate messaging to improve communication between the corporate office and each location. These messages allow each store to stay up-to-date on the latest menu changes, sales competitions and promotions.

Focus franchise POS also allows restaurants to protect their restaurants from unforeseen disasters by performing off-site data backups. For additional security, Focus franchise POS can control a restaurant's ability to change certain programming options such as menu pricing, report setup and employee pay rates.

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