Can Kitchen Video Replace Printers?

Speed and prioritization in a kitchen are essential when orders are flying in on a busy night. When using paper tickets this is typically done with tape, ticket hangers, and sharpies. Printed chits or tickets are organized by time or priority. Marked to identify the timing, coursing, or which items have already gone out.

Paper has a downfall though. It can get wet, lost, torn, thrown, or a multitude of other random things in the course of going from the printer to the tape or hanger. For all of their simplicity and ease of use, paper tickets are not as versatile as kitchen video.

In its simplest form, kitchen video can be a printer replacement. Orders come in and are prioritized by time automatically. 

Headers on each order show you the same info you get on a printed ticket with the benefit of automatically changing colors based on the length of time that ticket has been displayed along with the ticket time. Is the grill taking too long? They will immediately know by the red header glaring at them and the ever-increasing ticket time.

Screens typically in a kitchen are stationary and meant for one or two people to be working off of them. That station may only see orders they need to work on, not everything allowing cooks to focus on what tasks they need to complete. Think of the screen as their digital task list that is always updating.

FocusKitchen also offers flexibility that printers don’t often have for being mobile. Maybe I want someone to be able to walk around with a tablet in their hand or maybe I’m doing a catering event, food truck, festival, or other events that take business outside the walls of your building. Since FocusKitchen is cloud-based, you can put it anywhere with any internet connection.

Tag items, bump orders, recall tickets, see their prep time and reduce paper waste. Yeah, we get seeing that fat stack of chits sitting on a ticket stabber is satisfying. But your kitchen will be way more organized and perform better with screens, guaranteed.


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