Completely Customizable

Focus POS for Bar and Nightclubs CustomizableNo other technology solution provider is adaptable or evolves as quickly. The  Focus application is perfect for all restaurants because it puts you in complete control. Instead of relying on grids and boundaries like most POS applications, FOCUS gives you the power to organize menus and screens exactly the way you want them.

Industry Proven

For more than 20 years, FOCUS has provided reliable restaurant management software to popular hospitality businesses across the globe. Our cutting-edge software helps maximize a restaurant’s operational efficiency, making it easy for our customers to stay competitive. Kitchen video integrations extend the capabilities of the point of sale for more advanced kitchen routing and tracking.

Mobile POS

Focus POS Mobile Apple iPadNo modern POS solution is complete without mobile point of sale capabilities. Mobile POS technology frees you and your employees from the traditional restaurant operational structure, giving you the flexibility to serve your customers whenever and wherever you like. Our mobile solutions allow restaurants to offer quality customer service beyond the counter.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Allow guests to start orders from their own device or pay a tab from their mobile phone. FocusOnline allows you to not just allow orders to be placed for pickup or delivery but also puts tab access in the guest’s hands. Learn more about @table.


The Focus POS API allows many other applications and business tools to integrate or utilize POS data. From above store reporting and management to loyalty and rewards, find out more about Focus POS Integrations.

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