Fast Casual

Focus for Fast Casual Restaurants

Focus offers solutions to maximize productivity in an industry that demands it. Fast-casual dining is rapidly becoming one of the most popular ventures in the food service industry, especially in metropolitan areas like downtown LA where many business people are looking to enjoy a quick lunch break.

Focus is ready to take your restaurant to the next level with our fast casual POS solutions and peripherals that speed up order time, reduce labor costs, maximize kitchen functionality, and more. Because no two businesses are alike, our team is dedicated to customizing your systems to meet the demands of your unique restaurant.

Focus POS Speed of Service

  • Customize menu and screens to maximize convenience and speed up order entry
  • Quickly and easily enter multiple items with seamless combo functions
  • Leverage customer-facing displays for suggestive selling via graphical LCD display

Focus POS Improves Staff Performance

  • Improve kitchen accuracy and reduce preparation time with kitchen video systems
  • Reduce training time with user-friendly interfaces and customized menus
  • See potential theft with in-depth reporting and auditing

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