Focus Cloud

 A Cloud-Based POS Subscription for Focus

You need software to run your operations that you can rely on but won’t blow your budget. Focus Cloud, a cloud-based POS subscription, is the perfect answer. You get all the features that restaurants and bars love from Focus plus 24/7 customer support.

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Focus Office

The newest addition to the Focus Cloud Suite, Focus Office is an online portal that allows you to manage your menu, employees, and order entry. Whether you want to add seasonal menu items, make time card adjustments, or edit employee profiles, Focus Office lets you manage changes for your Focus POS system all from one platform.

Focus Mobile

Focus Mobile is your restaurant data contained in one app on your phone or tablet. This mobile interface is your direct lifeline to all your operations from labor reports to open tickets. Don’t be tied down to a terminal, take your data with you wherever you go.

FocusCloud for Restaurants and Bars

Focus POS Application

The engine that drives your business is the Focus POS software with features like labor and sales reports, forecasting, scheduling, high-speed credit card processing, and easy to navigate screens that make entering orders as easy as taking them.

FocusCloud Includes Gift Cards

Focus Gift

Your cloud-based POS subscription includes the Focus Gift Card program. It integrates seamlessly with your Focus software so you have a centralized point of management for all your gift cards that can be issued directly from your terminal. Easily track and reload cards for your customers.

FocusCloud Includes Loyalty and Rewards CRM

Focus Loyalty

Build your customer and your marketing base with Focus loyalty. Offer rewards while gaining valuable customer data. Focus Loyalty also lets you send targeted marketing campaigns to your list so you can keep them coming back again and again.

FocusCloud Includes 24/7 Helpdesk Support

24/7 Help Desk

Around the clock, the Focus CA support team is there to help. Our expert technicians troubleshoot any challenge you face with your Focus POS software and provide quick resolutions and fix the problem the first time.

FocusCloud Includes Automatic Updates for Life

Automatic Software Updates

Don’t worry about the headache of upgrading your software to the latest version every time a new one comes down from the programmers. With cloud-based POS you can be sure the version you’re running is always the latest and greatest.

FocusCloud Includes Data Backup to the Cloud

Data Cloud Back Up

Never worry about your data. It is stored in a secure cloud location and backed up in real time. That means, should anything unforeseen happen to your equipment, all of your information will be fully restored with no loss of functionality.

FocusCloud Does Not Rely On the Internet for Complete Reliability

Reliability & Redundancy

We can get you near zero downtime with all the benefits of a cloud-based POS with none of the downside. If your primary station goes down, we automatically shift it to the next available station.

Competitive Pricing

The Focus Cloud subscription won’t break the bank. For a minimal monthly fee for each terminal enjoy all the features you need from Focus California POS. Apply now for FocusCloud!