FOCUS for Delivery Restaurants

Delivery restaurants require streamlined processes to run properly. FOCUS provides the flexibility of customized workflows and easy-to-use processes to optimize delivery operations.

We recognize that food delivery is all about speed and accuracy. With FOCUS, you can trust that your team has the ability to quickly take care of customers placing orders in person, on the phone, or online.

Performing a search or integrating with caller ID systems allows instant access to customer profiles within FOCUS during ordering. Quickly re-order based on a previous transaction or start a new one with the guest’s information already attached.

Delivery orders placed through an integrated online ordering website or mobile application pushes orders directly through to the kitchen, eliminating the need for re-entry. The Order Dashboard allows you to view multiple orders at a time for easy packaging or take-out expo processes.

Focus POS for Quick Service Restaurants Guest PagingDelivery fees and gratuities can be applied automatically based on zones or manually added to transactions. Dispatching orders to drivers can be done by a cashier or self-assigned by the driver.

FOCUS allows your team to manage high-volume delivery environments with ease.

Focus POS Order Entry

  • Create up to 150 menu items or operations with customized menu and screens
  • Custom workflows and printing for delivery orders
  • Store customer information for quick retrieval and re-ordering
  • Delivery driver management and dispatching

Focus POS Audit and Control

  • Use in-depth reporting and auditing to see potential theft before it escalates
  • Access multi-unit, enterprise, or chain reports
  • Conduct blind checkouts to find cash drawer discrepancies

Focus POS Improve Staff Performance

  • Improve order accuracy and reduce preparation time with kitchen video
  • Reduce staff training time with intuitive interfaces and customized menus

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