5 Key Reasons You Need Remote Management

It has never been more important or easier to give your operations team more flexible options for remotely managing restaurants and bars. Focus Office, which is part of the FocusCloud suite of tools, allows you complete control over your store-level POS from the web. Here are 5 key things that will make your management team more efficient.

1 – Add & Edit Employees

Onboarding is super easy and allows you to create and add employees to multiple locations. Set things like access code, jobs, and pay rates.

2 – Edit Time Cards

Same-day or previous day, give your team immediate control for auditing and changing time card punches.

3 – Update Prices

Price increases? No problem, roll through all menu items without affecting the prices in the POS until you are ready for them to go live.

4 – Create New Menus

Work on new menus sets or items over time and control their roll out to one or multiple locations.

5 – Scheduled Changes

Changes can go live when you want them. Choose from sending down to the store ASAP or schedule for specific dates and times. Scheduling changes are a lifesaver for wage increases, pricing updates, or new menu roll-outs. Not only that, if you have more than one location you can choose who actually receives these updates.


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