FOCUS for Specialty Restaurants and Bars

Focus POS California understands that the needs of specialty concepts can be unique and different. That’s why we work with each business to customize Focus to their needs. Find out more about each specialty concept below.



Cafe POS

We understand how particular people can be about their coffee; we are just as particular about how our POS systems function. With easy-to-use graphical menus, employees can enter unique drink orders quickly and accurately every time. Our quick, feature-rich solutions keep your lines moving and your customers happy. They can get in, get out and be on their way.


Smoothie POS

In southern California and surrounding areas, smoothie shops are a hot spot all year round. Our quick, reliable and user-friendly screens make it easy to keep your lines moving and ensure orders are correct. With recipes and modifier options at the push of a button, you can guarantee that smoothies are made perfectly every time. FOCUS systems include barcode capabilities, so extra items can easily be scanned and added.

Frozen Yogurt POS

FOCUS offers solutions as customizable as your frozen yogurt or ice cream treat selection! Whether you are a do-it-yourself shop or serve from the counter, we have options to keep your lines moving and customers indulging. With scales that integrate directly to your system, giving customers the option to pay by the ounce. To accommodate to your large selection, our modifier screens give the option to add toppings, cones, sauces and anything else you need.

Brewery POS

We recognize that your selection of beers is subject to change frequently. With menu screens that hold up to 150 buttons, FOCUS makes it simple to quickly enter orders. New beers on tap every week? Not to worry! You can easily access your menu setup to enter new items on the fly. With our inventory options, you can track how much you are selling from each keg to maximize profitability and prevent employee dishonesty.

Wine Bar POS

FOCUS knows large wine inventories need a system that can easily classify items for easy navigation and reporting. Menu screens can hold up to 150 buttons and quick search functions allow your team to quickly find the right bottle. Our inventory options allow you to track multiple size pours to ensure accurate bottle counts. Customer Management can be handled directly at the point of sale with solutions that allow you to keep track of Wine Club members and discounts.

Food Truck POS

FOCUS can provide you with everything you need to make sales on the go. We make it easy to get out on the road and have a reliable way to track your sales, inventory and even employee time cards. With 100% mobile solutions, you can have a variety of options to suit your needs. Whether you want tablets, actual stations or both, we have you covered and can make it work with the limited space you have.

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