Dine-in service has taken on a whole new meaning, from socially distanced outdoor seating to contactless ordering. @table for FocusOnline is designed to help you adapt to these new norms and future proof your operations for the unpredictable.

@table takes contactless ordering and payments to the next level with unique QR codes generated for each table in your seating area.

How It Works

  • Build QR codes tied to a specific table number in your restaurant/patio/bar/anywhere!
  • Your guest scans the code, orders directly from their phone, and can add items to their order during their stay
  • A check is created in FOCUS and items are fired off to your kitchen/bar/where ever
  • Staff can also manage the transaction (ring, void, apply discounts & payments)
  • You decide how long a check can be open for (e.g. 90 minutes max)
  • Your guests will receive a text before their check is automagically paid out
  • Focus automatically charges your guest for the total of their check plus a tip they selected when they started
  • Guests will receive an email with their receipt