FocusPay LogoFocusPay takes the guesswork out of accepting credit cards at your restaurant or bar. Acting as a Payments Gateway or Acquirer, Focus Pay integrates with your point of sale to allow you to securely process swipe or EMV transactions.

FocusOn using FocusPay Processing

Payments Gateway

Focus Pay enables you to use your chosen merchant service processor or credit card processor sales organization, while still being able to accept electronic payments directly through your Focus system.

Payments Acquirer

Focus Pay connects your Focus system to the card brand (Visa, Mastercard, American Express & Discover) payment networks and allows for a fully integrated and serviced electronic payment system.

Credit Cards and Chip Cards

Fast & Secure Transactions

FocusCloud Includes 24/7 Helpdesk Support

Award-Winning Technical Support

Transaction Tracking

Access to Customer Analytics Data

Check out our Focus Pay FAQs to learn more about processing options. Still not sure what EMV is all about? Our EMV FAQs cover some of the most common questions.