Online Ordering

Integrated Online Ordering with FOCUS

Increasing sales while managing labor costs has never been more important than now. With FOCUS Integrated Online Ordering, your guests can place food orders on the go. Innovating Online Food Ordering solutions coupled with FOCUS reduces your restaurant’s labor cost by allowing orders to be automatically fired to the kitchen, without a valuable employee having to input them.

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Software Capabilities

  • Allow orders to be sent directly to the kitchen when a guest orders online
  • Orders can be placed for immediate preparation, or delayed until later
  • Delivery orders can be automatically stored into FOCUS and dispatched to your delivery drivers

Benefits of Online Ordering

  • Reduce labor costs by reducing phone order takers
  • Guarantee order accuracy
  • Allow guests to order from their smartphones
  • Save guest’s time by storing their favorite & common orders
  • Increase sales by up-selling promo items & high-profit add-ons
  • Build brand recognition with a custom iOS & Android App

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