Pay with a QR Code using MobilePay

In a sea of contactless payment options, there is one simple solution that any Focus user can turn on. MobilePay allows guests to pay any check or tab right from their own phone by scanning a QR code. 

MobilePay does not require any additional devices than your regular Focus POS system, nor do you need to retrain staff on different POS procedures.

Focus MobilePay QR Code ReceiptPrint the guest’s receipt and a QR code with custom footer text will appear at the bottom. They can scan the code with their phone using the camera if they want to pay from their device. When they do, they will be taken to a web page showing their check. Once they hit ‘Pay My Check’ they will be presented with tip options. You can define the preset percentages or allow a custom dollar amount. When they complete their payment process the check in Focus is closed to the FocusPay tender and the tip is automatically adjusted for the server.

MobilePay processes the transaction through an e-commerce account using Shift4 or another approved processor and may require account setup if you do not have one already.

Want to collect feedback from your guests? Survey options can be activated allowing guests to tell you more about their experience at the end of the check-out process. These are only shared with you and your team through the Command Center portal.

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Enhance Contactless QR Ordering and Payments with @table

I’m sure you’ve used a QR code at this point. Everyone (literally everyone) is using them for digital menus now, but why stop there? Why not use it to start a tab, or even better tie that tab to a table number so runners know where to bring food or drinks.

FocusOnline @table allows restaurants and bars to do just that. Using FocusOnline you can build out custom menus to offer guests who are dining in specific areas and allow them to start an order, not just view the menu.

Management and service staff can still access the table or tab normally if needed directly from the point of sale. Ring more items from the POS on the tab, void or comp things, even transfer items. The order itself still lives in the point of sale system while maintaining contactless ordering and payment solutions.

You can also set a time limit for the tab so it can be automatically closed out. Credit card information is provided when starting the order along with the guest’s contact information ensuring that the order is paid for.

Already using FocusOnline? Learn how to setup @table.

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