How Contactless Dining Shifts Focus to Customer Experience & Yields Profitability

Most restaurants must function at 75% capacity in order to be profitable. With many restaurants now operating at 50% capacity or less, it’s essential to identify how they can make up the remaining 25 percent. Implementing contactless dining grants servers the opportunity to focus on the customer experience and work towards profitability.

Before the pandemic restaurant touch points included servers handing out menus, taking food orders, and delivering receipts. Focus CA contactless solutions transforms these touch points into non-engagement tasks and allows servers to focus solely on service quality, i.e. delivering the food and checking in on guest satisfaction.

Additionally, with more options for digital payment and checkout, you may be able to remove unnecessary equipment to make room for more socially distanced tables. The added tables can yield better profits in the long run and keep you in business.

FocusOnline – Allow guests to access your digital menu, place pickup orders, and pay for their check all from the comfort of their own device

FocusOn – Portable handheld POS that lets you take orders and payment from anywhere in your restaurant

Focus GoPay – Smartphone readable QR codes that prompts guest checks when scanned and allows for contactless payments


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