Optimizing for a Post-Pandemic Industry

Given the unpredictability and volatility of global events in recent months, the only certain thing is that life (especially business) will not go back to how it was pre-pandemic — at least not in the immediate future. Therefore, instead of continuously reacting to the inevitable, we have put together tips and tools you as operators can implement to be proactive about your business.

Learn how to optimize your operations and pivot with the hospitality industry to keep guests coming in and survive the storm.

Re-Engineering Your Menu

One of the key areas you can adapt in order to cut costs is your menu. Offering fewer options with simple modifications as well as focusing on low-cost items can help you optimize your inventory costs. This also allows for more standardized takeout packaging, which helps to reduce prep times and order confusion.

Leveraging Sales Data

Diving deep into your sales data can reveal vital information that will help you reorganize your operational workflow. Analyzing sales and day parts lends insight into peak hours of traffic, and signals ways you can optimize hours of operation.

FocusCloud is a useful cloud-based management tool that will allow you to modify your menu offerings as well as create comprehensive sales reports.

Takeout & Contactless Service

With dining still very much limited to outdoor patios and off-premise service, focusing on your takeout and contactless payment game is key to optimizing your business.

Online ordering provides guests the convenience of ordering from their own mobile device or computer, while allowing you to manage the guest experience and minimize contact exposure. Setting up portable contactless methods of payment is also crucial as service expands to outdoor patios, parking lots, and curbside pickup.

FocusOnline and FocusOn are two restaurant technology tools you can take advantage of to successfully optimize your business for takeout.

Communication is Key

Lastly, and arguably the most important way to optimize your business post-pandemic, is communication. Ensuring that you are consistently letting your guests know of any changes to your operations is vital to keep them coming back.

Utilize social media to make announcements about limited menu items, ordering logistics and pickup locations, and hours of operation. This not only benefits you from a marketing standpoint, but also keeps your loyal customers up to date on latest developments.

We are always here to lend a hand where we can. If you or your business has been struggling to stay afloat these past few months, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and let us know how we can help!

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