4 Ways to Reduce Restaurant Turnover

Seeing consistent staff turnover at your restaurant? You’re not alone. According to the National Restaurant Association, the restaurant industry sees almost double the turnover rate each year, with the most recent statistics averaging at 72.9%. While turnover is bound to occur in the food service industry, here are 4 ways you can minimize it for your business:

1. Identify and refine your establishment’s culture.

Turnover is often a result of mismatches between an operation’s culture and its employees. Understanding the elements of your culture —including mission, values, ethics, work environment, goals, and expectations — and making efforts to align it with your employees’ needs can improve overall satisfaction. Work on creating an environment where your staff supports one another, delivers exceptional customer service, and works hard while having fun.

2. Hire better.

Hire individuals who’ll contribute to your company’s culture. Identify compatible qualities and write detailed job descriptions that emphasize these attributes. In the interview process, ask a combination of personality and logistical questions to get a better understanding of each individual’s approach.

3.  Optimize your workflow.

Analyze workflow in all aspects of your business, and look for areas of improvement that could decrease turnover. Sometimes, even simple tweaks like proper scheduling and adequate communication can make it easier for employees to do their jobs, in turn improving staff morale.

4. Implement mobile terminals.

Empowering staff with mobile terminals makes their day-to-day work far easier. Mobile terminals simplify order entry tasks by allowing guests to view images of menu items and find answers to any questions they have, and transmitting orders directly to the kitchen.

A high restaurant turnover rate not only interrupts daily workflow, but may also negatively affect word of mouth and customer loyalty. Taking steps to improve employee satisfaction can help you avoid these consequences and maximize sales.


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