Benefits of a Modified Menu

Pandemic policies, guidelines, and predictions are changing by the week, if not the day. Restaurants must adapt new practices to keep business healthy and customers safe. Many operators are taking control of the situation by changing their business model, marketing efforts, scheduling and labor management, and community outreach. Your menu also requires flexibility because takeout and delivery requirements are different from dining in.

Benefits of a Modified Restaurant Menu

Remaining open for online ordering and delivery is essential in order to keep your business going; but you also want to maximize profitability as much as possible. Modifying your menus can help strike the right balance:

Optimized Inventory Costs

The fewer options on your menu, the less inventory required. Reducing the number of ingredients you use overall may lead to higher profitability by cutting out some purchasing requirements. Offering meals that share many of the same ingredients can optimize your inventory even more. Needing fewer ingredients will also help in the event of changes or disruptions in your supply chain.

Optimized Restaurant Labor Costs

A reduced menu allows the restaurant to fulfill orders with less staff than before. This especially helps when rearranging roles, as staff can more easily move around from food prep to front of the house as needed. This is highly beneficial to your bottom line, since labor is another one of the costliest restaurant expenses, along with inventory.

Providing New and Exciting Offers to Your Customers

Instead of promoting it as a “limited” menu, think of it more as a “specialized” menu. Many restaurants are switching up their menu each week to keep things interesting for their customers. Specials of the day or week, bundle deals, and more will keep your customers excited and engaged.

Tips for Optimal Restaurant Menu Modification

  • Prioritize fast-prep dishes to optimize delivery and takeout time
  • Consider items that will travel well in takeout packaging
  • Prepare dishes with common ingredients to reduce inventory costs
  • Offer bundled deals or family packs
  • Sell surplus non-food items such as toilet paper and cleaning supplies

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